"Go Naked"

My work is inspired by the beauty of our enviroment and nature. It hurts to see the unneccessary damage we are causing to our home.

At Mark Betson Artist we are our products and go to great lengths to make sure they reach you in the best condition. However, we are also aware that plastic is not always desirable and you might not want it as part of your purchase or your customers purchases.  In fact, we always choose plastic free wherever possible. We hate unneccessary packaging.

We do send out all our cards and prints in cello bags, as standard, for their own protection.  But, if you would like to help us to help you "Go Naked" by sending your order to you without plastic, please write in the comments box at the checkout, that you do not want seeves.

We are aiming to change all our sleeves from plastic to bio-degradable corn starch sleeves as soon as possibale.  At the moment our 150mm cards are sent with bio-degrable sleeves and we are aiming to have the 125mm and prints in them too by 2020.

All our orders are sent in FSC approved boxes with paper tape where possible.  We do try to use plastic free "stuffing" where needed, however we do get a lot of "stuffing" sent to us, that is sometimes plastic, rather than throwing it away. we like to re-use it, so you may get some plastic in your delivery, we hope that you will then re-use it too.

Every little helps!.