This is Me.

This is me. Mark Betson. I am the artist, although many don't believe me! I'm not really trained, never had a formal exhibition and (until I tried) never thought my work had any value except as a means of stress-busting! I was wrong.

I've been selling my work since 2010, mainly as cards and prints, with my wife online and at events.  Mark Betson Artist has grown organically, from a seed to a seedling in a little pot. I now want to transplant into a bigger pot and promote a bit more vigorous growth. Forgive me.

I want the business to grow. More products, more range, more future opportunities. Wholesale is the next step and we decided at the turn of 2019 to take that leap of faith and launch wholesale in September 2019.

I am only partly self employed. Although I am the owner of Mark Betson Artist and the person responsible for paying the bills. I am handing over the reigns for day to day running to my better half, Tammy. If you have any problems, complain to her!!

Join our growing list of retailers

White Rabbit in Glastonbury, Nomads in Launceston, Blackfoot in Shaftesbury

Coming Soon

Aardvark in Bristol, Aquarius in Great Malvern, Castle Card in Chepstow, Eden Home and Boutique in Christchurch, Frame Makers Galleries in Marlborough, Hillbilly's in Leamington Spa, Honest Stationary in Oxford, Kaboodle in Ludlow, Kingfisher in Sidmouth, Long Barn in Alresford, Magic Willow in Liverpool, Salamander in Maidstone, Satori in Hay on Wye, Fisherton Mill in Salisbury, Urban Angel in Bromsgrove